Global Outreach: More Than 12,000 New Members Join The WEDF Forum

Our international outreach efforts have been steaming ahead in recent months, with a particular focus on Africa, Latin America and The Middle East. Our CEO John Marshall spoke about Collaboration and Partnerships on Open Data at The Saudi Data Forum and we’ve been delighted by the support we’ve had from our international collaborators. This good work has resulted in over 12,000 new members joining the Forum, our free and protected social platform that hosts a global community of passionate data-scientists, developers, thinkers, artists and beyond. It’s growing in communities where trusted tech information matters thanks to the thoughtful and excellent work of people like Rhodes Atukwase, our Community and Partnerships Coordinator for Africa. Thanks for everything you do Rhodes and over to you…

Hello everyone! Over the past few months, I have been working in East Africa and beyond and I’m so happy to be able to welcome a wave of new members. More than 5,000 Africans like me have joined the Forum and revealed the energy and enthusiasm that's building around ethical technology across the continent.

Allan Onen

One thing I’ve noticed in particular is the diversity of our new members. We've got students from bustling campuses in Morocco, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Rwanda, Uganda, Algeria, and Ghana, all joining forces with established professionals across Africa. It's a real mix of backgrounds, but everyone shares a common goal: building a future where technology works for everyone and is guided by strong ethical principles.

The Power of Young Minds

The recent registration drive was particularly popular with students, and the photos you'll see with this post capture that perfectly. Gifted youth brimming with excitement and ideas about how to shape the conversation around data ethics and responsible tech development. It's been truly inspiring.

Allan Onen

Why This Matters

As someone who lives in Uganda, I see Africa's potential every day. And its young minds are at the forefront of all this innovation. By providing a platform for dialogue and collaboration on ethical tech issues, WEDF is empowering future leaders in my community to create a more inclusive and fair digital landscape for everyone    

Allan Onen

Join the movement!

Allan Onen

The WEDF community is a vibrant space where developers, researchers, policymakers, and anyone who cares about this stuff can connect, share ideas, and work together towards a more ethical digital future. Sound interesting?

Here's how you can get involved:

Together, let's build a future where technology uplifts all of humanity!


Rhodes Atukwase    
WEDF Community and Partnerships Coordinator (Africa)

Photographs by: Allan Onen