Our Approach

The development of knowledge technologies has implicated every institution of importance — from the exchange markets, banking, and business, through research, education, and the media, to medicine, policing, jurisprudence, and even the future of the democratic process itself. With the potential civil and political consequences of data's abuse so severe, and yet the conjectured benefits meaningful enough that it would be wrong not to try to navigate these risks, seldom has the need for effective dialogue been as great.

The World Ethical Data Foundation works to facilitate the understanding and collaboration of people and institutions of all perspectives, traditions, and cultures, and prioritises the development of more effective ways for this understanding and collaboration to occur.

What We Do

The AI Open Suggestion Project

The AI Open Suggestion Project aims to clarify the process of building AI by exposing the steps that go into building it responsibly. It is written from the frontlines by the actual builders, users, and stakeholders who have seen the value and damage Artificial Intelligence (AI) can deliver.

World Ethical Data Forum

The World Ethical Data Forum is the leading event for impartial and balanced exploration of the urgent ethical and practical questions around the use and future of data.

The ERA Project

The Ethics and Rights Architecture (ERA) is a proposed solution for a language-neutral international standard of classification for — and the storage, exploration and protection of — all data, information and other relevant assets relating to human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Conceptual Genealogical Database

The World Ethical Data Foundation works to bring about understanding and collaboration between people and institutions of all perspectives, traditions, and cultures, in relation to questions around knowledge technologies and freedom.

Democracy Research

The World Ethical Data Foundation is researching the attack surfaces of democracies worldwide with the intention of providing policy guidance and in certain instances practicable solutions for the minimisation of failure, corruption, and coercion in democratic processes.

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Key areas of expertise

The World Ethical Data Foundation collaborates with companies, governments, and institutions on technology and information-related issues. Here is a small number of areas we have worked on over the last few years. Contact us to find out more.

  • Rights and fundamental freedoms
  • 'AI' and algorithms
  • Inclusivity and representation
  • Policy and governance
  • Privacy and encryption
  • Censorship resistance and censorship circumvention

Latest Video

Staying smart In A Smart World: How Do We Think About This Computerised World We Live In?

In conversation with Chris Morris and Gerd Gigerenzer: Everywhere we look, technology dominates our lives. Smartphones, smarthomes, digital assistants, an entire existence aided with circuitry. With the assistance, also comes a requirement to take ownership of this surrendering of agency, and to keep track of the devices and the innovations we let into our lives. They are all a choice, are we making the right ones?