From the methods and techniques that generate the granular data used by scientists, statisticians and developers to the narratives composed by the media and governments which frame them, the forum examines the opportunities and problems arising from the development of technologies that continue to open unprecedented possibilities for knowledge and influence.

Ranging over areas including mass data and data-analytics, their use and safeguards, privacy and data rights, the commercial use of data by marketing, media institutions and big business, as well as the meaning of limits or lack of limits to access for security agencies and government, surveillance, fake news, and the benefits, pitfalls and future of artificial intelligence, each year the forum gathers the most brilliant and influential minds from around the world to address the implications of data and knowledge technologies in all of their complexity.

Encouraging technological and intellectual innovation and collaboration between the worlds of research, business, media, government and investment, and emphasising the quality and integrity of the human lives they ground, the World Ethical Data Forum invites participants to enter and define the most crucial discussion of our time.

WEDF 2021

On March 17-19, WEDF 2021 hosted thought-leaders and audiences from around the world to engage in the crucial discussions around data and technology.

This year's event brought together a truly astounding array of people and expertise from the worlds of privacy, cybersecurity, media, business, politics, academia and feature highly influential authors, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists, whistleblowers, academics, government officials, intelligence agencies, and business executives as well as representatives from the UN, UNICEF, the Law Society, EFF, GNOME, IBM, Twitter, PwC, Kaspersky, ProtonMail and many more.

Addressing the whole range of interrelated questions around data and technology, WEDF 2021 hosted an incredible number of important talks and sessions on topics ranging from the state of the net, interoperability, and privacy to stalkerware, cyberwar, the media, political process and more.


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