Our Approach

The development of knowledge technologies has implicated every institution of importance — from the exchange markets, banking, and business, through research, education, and the media, to medicine, policing, jurisprudence, and even the future of the democratic process itself. With the potential civil and political consequences of data's abuse so severe, and yet the conjectured benefits meaningful enough that it would be wrong not to try to navigate these risks, seldom has the need for effective dialogue been as great.

The World Ethical Data Foundation works to facilitate the understanding and collaboration of people and institutions of all perspectives, traditions, and cultures, and prioritises the development of more effective ways for this understanding and collaboration to occur.

What We Do

Freedoms Index

The Freedoms Index (FI) is a language-neutral international standard indexing system designed to catalogue all data relating to human rights and fundamental freedoms. It will ensure that relevant information is censorship resistant and tamper-proof, and can be easily and precisely found.

Conceptual Genealogical Database

The CGD is a genealogy of concepts that aims to map thought through time and reveal the structure of the evolution of concepts, meanings and values. Correctly done, this will reveal the nature of the radical continuities and discontinuities both within and between cultures, and provide an instrument of considerable value for inter-cultural diplomacy.

Democracy Research

Democracies are complex architectures with several political, informational, and procedural dimensions. They are also for this reason extraordinarily vulnerable architectures, given the rewards that exploiting them can bring. Weakening any one of — or any combination of — its structural elements places a specific democracy itself under enormous strain. 

World Ethical Data Forum

The World Ethical Data Forum is the leading event for impartial and balanced exploration of the urgent ethical and practical questions around the use and future of data.


The World Ethical Data Foundation is shaping a publishing house which under its various imprints will bring stories, oral histories, moral philosophy, and non-fiction to its audience in an attempt to reveal the effect of assimilated technology upon the people and institutions of our world’s many cultures.

Key areas of expertise

Ethical and technical questions are seldom straightforward. If your organisation is seeking guidance we are available for consultancy to assist your decision making in areas such as data, cybersecurity, cryptography, blockchain, research and development, data ethics, political commentary, journalism, civil liberties, policy, and several areas of law. Contact us to find out more.

  • Privacy and security
  • Media Freedom
  • Infosec
  • Political commentary
  • Civil Liberties and Law
  • Political Process

Latest Video

The Problem of Data

WEDF's John Marshall's introductory talk at London Tech Week's Ethical Data Festival.