How we work


By fostering international collaboration we promote ethical best practice in research, development and innovation.


Public participation and partnerships enable consensus on improvements to governance practices. 


Together we make things that challenge complexity with humane solutions fit for our changing world.


We collaborate with the public, companies and governments. Here are example areas of work. We are always open to new partnerships.

  • Democracy, rights and fundamental freedoms
  • AI and algorithms
  • Inclusivity and representation
  • Policy and governance
  • Privacy, encryption and information security
  • Ethics and technology

What We Do

The Forum

Our free platform hosts a protected international community of passionate developers, thinkers, artists and beyond.


Our critically acclaimed annual event covers the entire range of data and knowledge technologies.

The Open Standard

The WEDF Open Standard is a dynamic framework that guides developers, users, and stakeholders with concrete steps and questions for the ethical development of AI.

ERA (The Ethics and Rights Architecture)

The Ethics and Rights Architecture (ERA) is an analytical archive designed to address a critical challenge: the difficulty in accessing, sharing and using human rights and fundamental freedoms relevant information across the globe.

Democracy Research

The World Ethical Data Foundation is researching the attack surfaces of democracies worldwide with the intention of providing policy guidance and in certain instances practicable solutions for the minimisation of failure, corruption, and coercion in democratic processes.

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