Timothy Quinn

Timothy Quinn is co-founder and the technology lead of Hatebase, a data-driven software platform for detecting and monitoring hate speech, and also serves as CTO of Toronto-based OMX, Director of Technology with The Sentinel Project, and an eGovernance expert with the Canadian Executive Service Organization. Hatebase’s natural language engine, Hatebrain, derives the probability of hateful context from the linguistic analysis it performs on public conversations in many languages across more than 200 countries. Its data, made available through the Hatebase web interface and API, is used by a variety of organisations, from social media companies and NGOs to the Los Angeles Police Department. For government agencies and non-profts, it helps monitor xenophobic movements at home and abroad and is an instrument for the early identification of regional violence and atrocities. Media and tech firms have employed Hatebase to detect and quarantine discriminatory content. Academic institutions can use it to analyse the use and dissemination of hate speech. Timothy has been building software companies for 25 years, and has taught at New York University and the City University of New York.